Tips & Hints


In The Kitchen
Sink stoppages are usually caused by liquid fats, emulsified by warm dishwater and carried through the pipes. Preventing this situation can be done by carefully watching what is emptied into the sink drain.

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Clog Prevention
Use chemical drain cleaners sparingly, especially if your pipes or traps are brass, steel, or cast-iron; some chemicals may corrode metal pipes. Try this instead: pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down your drain every month.

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If both the hot and cold water are running slowly or dripping, the aerator is likely congested with sediment or hard water deposits. The aerator is the piece that screws onto the end of the faucet spout to introduce air into the water so it doesn’t splash. On newer faucets, it also restricts the water flow to conserve water.

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